ACJ Beats

ACJ Beats

How did you meet Jake? 

I had the good fortune to meet Jake online via Soundcloud and via my beats website

When did you start singing/producing/? 

I have been a professional musician since around 1991 (I live solely from music and production). I started in live bands as a keyboard player, moved on to being the singer, and then programming all the songs. One thing led to another, and the studio work began. So, here we are :-)

Who were your influences? 
So many to mention here are a few: Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath.

First song on the radio? 
Don’t Dance in Darkness

First Music video?
3rd world refugee

If a stranger asked to hear your stuff, what would you play them? 
Jake & Steve – Dirty Dancing, and ‘Give you the world’  :-)

What’s your favourite song in the whole world?
In the air – Phil Collins

Statistically, which is your most popular song online? 
R.I.O. – Miss Sunshine

What’s your biggest achievement, musically? 
Re-mixing for Maxi Priest, Samantha Fox, and Japan’s Ayumi Hamasaki

Favourite colour? 

6 September

What’s your favourite Music video?

One Musician you’d love to work with?
Steve Tyler

Which signed musician are you compared with the most?
Not sure, maybe Jake can give me a reference

Where can we find out more about you?

What’s next for you? 

Going for a world number1 hit, then open a studio in the Bahamas, and enjoy life!