Please see below for the interview I did with Kelly Jenns :-)

How did you meet Jake?

We were friends when we were kids. I remember playing man hunt, kick post and rounders on the estate where we lived. For some reason he always used to call me ‘Kelly burgers’ I still have no idea why and he doesn’t remember, so I guess that one will remain a mystery!

When did you start singing?

I joined a local drama group when I was about 12. They used to put on concerts every year so I auditioned with one of my favourite songs at the time,C U When You Get There’ by Coolio. My rapping was horrendous and I was so nervous that I forgot all of the lyrics. In the end, the musical director played ‘Happy Birthday’ for me to sing along to instead, haha! I’ll leave the rapping to Jake now!

Shortly after that, I picked up a guitar and started teaching myself to play by ear, I never had the patience to learn to read guitar tab, I just wanted to write songs! I remember doing the same thing with a really old fashioned pump organ my mum had. It was more of an ornamental sort of thing but I used to sit for hours, with my feet pumping away on the pedals just to get a sound out of it!

Living on the coast meant that there were quite a lot of opportunities for vocalists on Entertainment teams in holiday parks so that’s what I did.

Who are your influences?

Coldplay, Tracy Chapman, Sam Smith, Disclosure, Rudimental, Mumford and Sons, Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse,  Kate Bush, Paolo Nutini, and London Grammer

My mum used to blast Meatloaf, Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi when I was young so I’ve grown up exposed to all sorts of genres.

First song on radio?

It was one of the first songs I had written called ‘Nobody Home’ on the Steve Moyse Show at Blyth Valley Radio. The song was from the perspective of a child with a parent subjected to domestic violence.

First music video?

It Was Lovewith Jake Aldridge

If a stranger asked to hear your stuff what would you play them?

My stuff is quite varied in terms of style, so it’s difficult to pick one that best represents me. I have recently written a song that I really love and have called ‘I’m Alive’. it’s about realising just how much somebody makes you feel alive, and a reminder to live your life in a way you never knew you could. I would probably play that one.

 Your favourite song?

This always changes depending on my mood. If I had to pick one though I would say Johnny Cash’ s version of ‘Hurt’. The build up and the emotion in his voice just gets me every time. I also have a thing for Disclosure’ s ‘Latch’. This was the first time I heard Sam Smith’s voice and was absolutely blown away by it.

What’s Your Most popular Song Online?

I’m actually in the process of getting my original material recorded. My most popular cover on YouTube at the moment is ‘Hideaway‘ by Kieza. My most recent cover is on my Facebook Music Page though. It’s a mash up of ‘Uptown Funk’, ‘Watch Me’ by Silento and ‘I Feel Good’ by James Brown. I’m playing them on the Ukulele and it’s had the most views out of all of my videos so far….

What’s Your Biggest Musical Achievement?

I recently got to the grand finals of the Future Music National Songwriting Competition held at the famous Dingwalls in Camden Town, which was amazing!

Favourite Colour?



17th January

Favourite Food?

Chicken Tikka – the red one from my local takeaway! Chicken chow mein and chicken pie!

Name one musician you’d love to work with?

Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Which Signed Musician Are You Compared To The Most?

People say I remind them of Ellie Goulding (including Jake)

Where Can We Find Out More About You?

You can Like, Poke, Tweet or Subscribe @

Facebook Music Page 



What’s Next For You?

I’m going to be In the studio recording my debut release, which is called ‘Running On Fire’. I’m also through to the regional finals of the Open Mic UK Nationwide Competition, and I’m also in process of lining up festival slots for next year.