Lisa Ambrose

Lisa Ambrose

How did you meet Jake?

It was so long ago, but I think Jake heard me sing Live in Southwold, and contacted me shortly after. I think the first track we ever did together was ‘Heaven’.

When did you start singing?
In 2008.

Who were your influences?
Joni Mitchell, Katie Tunstall, Eva Cassidy, Alison Moya

What was your first song on the radio?
My first ever song on the radio was a track I wrote called ‘Doesn’t Matter’

What was the first music video you ever did?
‘Broken Heart’

If a stranger asked to hear your stuff, what would you play them?

I’d probably play them my song ‘goodbye’.

What’s your favourite song in the whole world?
Has to be ‘True Colours’ :-)

What’s your biggest achievement, musically?
Winning Battle Of The Bands back in 2008 and opening up for Mark Ronson.

Favourite colour?
Duck Egg Blue


What’s your favourite Music video?
God’s Home Movie by Horse Mcdonald

One Musician you’d love to work with?
Stevie Nicks

Which signed musician are you compared with the most?
Eva Cassidy

Where can we find out more about you?
You can check out the following links:

What’s next for you?
I’m currently working towards a new album. :-)