Rataplan Films

Rataplan Films

How did you meet Jake? 

I (Louis Catlett) met Jake through Facebook. I stumbled across his page, gave it a ‘like’ and got in touch to see if he wanted us to shoot him a music video. We shot our first video in 2011 for his song ‘Turn It Up’ and we’ve been collaborating ever since! For Jake we also did ‘Just Believe’ ‘Where Ya Gone’ & ‘Moonlight’.

When did you start making videos? 

Myself and Josh Holdaway both had similar film-making backgrounds. We starting off filming random stuff with our mates as teenagers, borrowing parents camcorders and trying to recreate skate videos and ‘Jackass’ like stunts. It was then a natural progression in to the slightly more professional side of things such as short films and music videos when we started to pursue it as a potential career as well as a hobby.

Who were your influences?

We were both influenced as teenagers by programmes like Jackass, Dirty Sanchez and Trigger Happy TV – although not the most high-brow cinematographyphy, I guess they played a massive part in getting us into film-making in the first place, so i guess they’d be classed as an influence. With regards to feature film directors though it’d be the usuals; Scorcese, Boyle, Tarantino, Aronofsky… As well as documentary directors such as Marc Isaac’s, James Marsh and the legendary Louis Theroux.

First Music video?

Mine and Josh’s first project together was actually for Jake Aldridge’s track ‘Just Believe‘, shot during a freezing cold January in Peterborough.

If a stranger asked to see your stuff, what would you show them? 

We’d point them in the direction of our current showreel, which is on the homepage of our website - www.rataplanfilms.com

What’s your favourite song in the whole world?

Louis: Bob Marley – Three Little Birds or Elliot Smith – Between the Bars. Or anything by Incubus.

Statistically, which is your most popular video online? 

Our most popular video online is probably a short documentary we made about a music venue called ‘The Croft’ that closed down in Bristol last year. It was quite close to a lot of people’s hearts, so when the video went live, a lot of people watched it and shared it.

What’s your biggest achievement, professionally?

Our biggest achievement is the fact that Rataplan Films ltd is still going strong after 3 years! It’s been a lot of hard work, and there’s still a lot more to come, but it’s amazing to own a successful business and to be able to do what we love for a living.


Louis: 19/7/1991
Josh: 6/2/1987

What’s your favourite Music video?

Louis: Growing up it was probably videos like Blink 182 – ‘The Rock Show’, or Prodigy – ‘Smack my Bitch Up’ (just because it couldn’t be played on TV until past my bedtime), but nowadays I’d say anything by Lana del Rey. All of her videos are pretty stunning and beautifully shot, in particular ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Ride’.

One Musician you’d love to work with?

Marilyn Manson. I think he’d be a lot of fun to work with, and would make for some pretty awesome footage.

Where can we find out more about you? 

Via any of the following: www.rataplanfilms.com  //  www.facebook.com/rataplanfilms  //  Twitter: @rataplanfilms

What’s next for you guys?

We’re just continuing to build up our portfolio, get more contacts, bigger budgets and keeping the company moving forward.