Ninety II

Ninety II
How did you meet Jake?
 I first came into contact with Jake via SoundCloud. I receiving a message about a possible collaboration and he was keen on my instrumental which turned out to be ‘Kick Him To The Curb’, our first Collaboration together.

When did you start producing?
I started producing in 2008, when I undertook a Music Technology course at College.

Who were your influences?

At that time, Timbaland was my biggest influence. He released his own solo album which was titled “Shock Value” and produced songs with other artists such as ‘Say It Right’ by Nelly Furtado & ‘What Goes Around’ by Justin Timberlake. It wasn’t long until I had every song that Timbaland had ever produced on my iTunes library.

What was your first song on the radio?

Falling‘ by Jake Aldridge featuring Lisa Ambrose.

What was the first Music video that you were involved with?

Moonlight‘ by Jake Aldridge featuring Derrell Ballard-Levy.

If a stranger asked to hear your stuff, what would you play them?

It would have to be Jake’s Single, which I produced calledFireman‘. It’s my favourite track of all of the one’s that he and I have done.

What’s your favourite song in the whole world?

I don’t think I could ever answer that question! It changes……….regularly.

Statistically, which is your most popular song online? 


What’s your biggest achievement, musically?

Probably turning on Playboy TV at home and hearingEroticbeing played in the background, whilst half naked women walk around the screen. Magical moment that.

Tell us your favourite colour?


When’s your Birthday?

26th of March

What’s your favourite ever Music video?

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
All filmed during a train ride in France and then edited cleverly to match the track. Michel Gondry is a genius.
Tell us one Musician you’d love to work with?
 Pharrell Williams

What’s next for Ninety II?
To continue to work with Jake on his upcoming projects, offering my mixing and mastering services and also to collaborate with Jake on some new tracks this year. I am also going to be promoting my new Producer name which is going to be ‘Ninety II’.