Steve Moyse

Steve Moyse

How did you meet Jake?

I’ve Known him and his family for many years, but we didn’t start working together until after I’d featured him as an artist on my Radio Show  back in 2010. After that, I started playing his tracks on a regular basis. He had started working with other artists including another good friend of mine – Kelly Jenns, so he and I decided to try a track together and bingo…… we’ve been working together ever since.

When did you start singing/producing/? 

I started music back in primary school but the singing never really started until I was in Middle School. Been singing in Pubs, Clubs and hotels Ever since I left school. I would say I have been producing my own producing  my own tracks since 2002.

Who were your influences?

I’m a big country fan and I personally think that Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan have the top albums out at the moment. They both have great meaningful songs and that’s what I aim to achieve in my own stuff. I’ve always been a 60′s fan and have often looked towards the likes of Elvis and Buddy Holly for the pioneering way that they moved music on. Elvis always knew how he wanted the end product to be and I respect Buddy for the new ways he brought music forward.

Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Queen, Hans Zimmer are some of my biggest influences.

What was your first song on the radio? 

Had a few songs played on local radio. ‘Give Me The Life’ and ‘Hold Your Heart’ being the two played. Most recently and more commercially – ‘Slippin Away‘ – With Jake Aldridge

What was the First Music video you were in?

I’m actually yet to make one, I wouldn’t consider myself to be photogenic. lol. But I was featured in the intro for Jakes video ‘It Was Love‘, I was only introducing the track though.

What’s your favourite song in the whole world?

Southern Comfort Zone – Brad Paisley

Statistically, which is your most popular song online? 

Either ‘See You Again’ or ‘That’s My Girl’. So close between the two.

What’s your biggest achievement, musically? 

I’d  have to say getting ‘Slipping Away’ (with Jake) onto ‘Coast to Coasts’ commercial release of their Mixtape…and from my personal side, winning Pub Idol 2004, which was early in my career and gave me a chance to go forward.

Favourite colour? 



August 27th.

What’s your favourite Music video?

Southern Comfort Zone – Who else would think of using a tractor engine as a metronome. Also Bohemian Rhapsody. So far ahead of its time.

One Musician you’d love to work with?

Brad Paisley. The guy is a musical genius. Would also have loved to work with Freddie Mercury (another genius).

Which signed musician are you compared with the most?

Hahahahaha – no one

Where can we find out more about you?

What’s next for you?

Keep working hard on tracks with other artists and producers and also keep trying to push for that elusive deal. Its the one thing that all musicians want.