How did you meet Jake? 

I first discovered Jake Aldridge through a mutual friend. She posted Jake’s live performance on Facebook. I just happened to tune in and I was blown away by how talented he was. I reached out to him and he kindly responded. A month later, we had a business meeting in London and from that day fourth, we just started working together naturally. 

How long has Tiger Blue PR been established? 

I have been in this industry since I was 20 years of age. Having worked for other companies, I was limited to what I could and couldn’t do. I had the Urge to go solo, but it was a big step. A silly risk, some may say. Being the risk taker that I am, I jumped straight into it not knowing what to expect. In 2012 I became the director of Baby Kokos™. A luxury brand which took off immediately. After great success, knowledge, experience and some personal life changes at the time, I wanted to leave my past behind and start off fresh. I made a drastic decision to re-brand from Baby Kokos ™ to Tiger Blue PR® and my company was registered in 2016. The transition was quite easy as I had everything in place and was already well established. 

What area do you specialise in? 

We specialise in many areas as we feel it’s important to offer clients a variety of services. We deal with lots of Press, Media and Radio, for our PR campaigns. We manage talented artists and also have our own Events Team which our clients can benefit from. In addition to this, we are also famously known for our Album launch parties and red carpet events. We are proud to say that Tiger Blue PR has won multiple awards for best PR and Events company in 2016 and also Business of the Year in 2017. 

Where are you based? 

We are based in London. 

What clients have you worked with in the past? 

Our list of clients is endless. We have worked with many established brands and incredibly talented Artists throughout the years. These include brands such as Arsenal FC Charity, Pizza Hut, Tesco’s and ITV. The Artsit’s we are representing are Jake Aldridge, Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Jethro Sheeran , Sunny Andrea, Pauline Henry, Harry Cracknell Sophia May & Cream.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? 

That’s a tricky one! I’ve met many celebrities in my time so I can’t pin point just the one! I’ve met Jude Law, Ed Sheeran, Micheal Douglas, Nicolas Cage, Robert de Niro, Madonna, Britney Spears, Caprice, Kate Moss, Beverley Knight, Sarah Harding, Lindsey Lona, Naomi Campbell, Sam Bailey, Paul Young, Soul 2 soul, Wrench 32 & Tinie Tempah.

What do you look for in a new client looking to have Tiger Blue represent them? 

We are very selective in who we work with. It’s important that our clients meet our standards as we do theirs. When representing a potential new client, we first do extensive research into them and their careers. We look out for things like; are they consistent with their music? are they self motivated? What have they achieved so far. We read their threads and see how they interact and respond to their fan base. We acknowledge their professionalism and look into their behaviour and attitude too. These things are of great importance because if we are to work together, it’s imperative we are compatible both on a professional and personal level. 

What’s your favourite song by Jake Aldridge? 

That is a tough one! They are all equally as good but ultimately, I must say “Moonlight” is my favourite. It’s a song dedicated to losing a loved one so I can totally relate to that. The lyrics have a way of touching the soul and I must say, the video was tastefully done too! 

How did the name Tiger Blue come about?

I’ve always had a fascination with Tigers, beautiful creators they are. 

As ludicrous as it sounds the Tiger traits are things I see in myself. They are impulsive, independent, confident, empowering, brave, competitive and unpredictable. Naming a company “Tiger” didn’t quite sit right though, so I thought of adding a colour and Blue sounded perfect and also matches my personality. Blue symbolises TrustBalance, Hope, Positivity. Loyalt, Sincerity and Quality. These are things that I stand for and I try to implement in my every day life. So with that said, Tiger Blue was formed. 

Any success stories you can share with us? 

Where do I start? There is one particular success story which touched my heart and the hearts of the nation. The event took place in June 2016. The campaign was called “Help Alexia Walk”. The project itself was quite a challenge because it was a two day event for a little girl called Alexia. Alexia was born with many complications. Her parents Emily and Toby Sinclair needed to raise £75,000 so that their daughter could have her life changing SDR operation which would enable her to walkAt the time of accepting this project, I was in the process of going through a divorce and was also pregnant with my third child. In between meetings, emails, morning sickness, and juggling a million and one other things at once, I found myself heavily focused on this campaign. I didn’t want to let Alexia and her family down. I remember going into labour and still posting about the event! I had an events page set up on Facebook and as we were all following the build up to Alexia’s event, 3.5k followers were following my progress as well. Myself and my new born baby later attended the two day event. The turn out was phenomenal. I was astonished and so proud, not only of Alexia and her family, but of myself as well. On the first night, we had a “meet and greet” at the hotel with champagne in the reception. We then proceeded to the Club with all of the celebrities joining us as well. it was a private function and ticket sales went towards Alexia’s campaign. The next day, we had a big football match which was the Celebs vs Arsenal FC charity team. If I recall correctly, about 2,500 people turned up on the day. 

It was also Alexia’s birthday weekend so before the football match had started, in the middle of the field, a giant frozen cake was presented to her. I was told that she was very limited with her vision and that she can only see blurry lights so I requested that the cake designers added fairy lights so that this would enable her to actually see her birthday cake. We managed to raise almost £8,000 on the day. After the football match we had a bar and buffet waiting for all our players with live performances from a few talented Artists. We had lots of press coverage and so much positive feedback. The celebrities had so much fun they signed up for the following one. The greatest success of this story however, is the satisfaction I got from knowing that we contributed towards a life changing operation. We have since followed Alexia’s journey and I’m delighted to say that she now has enough money raised and will be having her operation next year in America. She won our hearts with her beautiful smile she’s such a brave little girl and she will always be in my heart. 

What’s next for you guys?

We are constantly on the move. We work around the clock and have plenty of projects in the pipeline. Our next big project will be in April 2018 where we will have a very famous US Rapper attending our launch party. We are so excited to work with this Artist as he is actually one of idols. it’s a dream come true! Jake will be performing as well :-)

How can we find out more about Tiger Blue PR? 

At present, our new Website is under construction. In the meantime, if you type in you can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

Alternatively, contact us on info@tigerbluepr.com