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30 year old Jake Aldridge was born and raised in the village of Reydon, a small town in Suffolk, UK. Raised by his Canadian Mother & Bangladeshi Father, who met one an other in London when they were just eleven years old, life was near on perfect for Jake. That all changed however, in August 1999 when during a family Fishing trip, Jake’s Father was tragically struck by lightning and sadly passed away. Jake was just 11 years old.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss of his Father, Jake was itching for ways to express himself. He took comfort in writing his thoughts down on paper. To begin with, his notes were in the form of a diary but he soon began rhyming the words he was writing. In time, his diary was transformed into a book of poems.

Inspired by ‘Rap’ Music, Jake’s method of performing these rhymes seemed like an easy choice to make. Completely clueless when it came to Music Production, he purchased a desktop microphone for £12 and used a sock to act as a Pop Shield. The wide eyed teen had dreams of being as big as Tupac Shakur, Dr Dre, and other Rappers he was inspired by. There was only ONE problem…. Jake couldn’t rap in time with the music…..

“Despite being a confident lyricist, I couldn’t feel the music in those early days… I couldn’t even nod my head to a Drum beat”.

With months and months of practise and lots of help from his friends, Jake finally started to feel the music. During this time, he posted Music Videos online and started to build a small fan base. Establishing new relationships, and initiating collaborations with music producers from all around the world, his tracks received airplay on dozens of BBC Introducing shows

I Remember telling my house mates that I’d heard back from the Director of Playboy TV, I don’t think either of them believed me”.

Seeking new ways to gain exposure for his Music, Jake came into contact with Phil Barry, the Managing Directer of Playboy TV. Phil loved Jake’s music and enjoyed his originality. To the amazement of Jake and his friends, two of his songs ended up in regular rotation Play Boy’s Sky television channel. This was a huge milestone for Jake, who just a few years prior, couldn’t even tap his foot in time with a metronome.

Eager to continue climbing the musical ranks, Jake saught atter international recognition and decided to enter one of his songs into a ‘feature’ competition held by the Chicago Music Blog – ‘Daily Hip Hop Jamz’. He received more votes than any other Artist and in doing so, he became the first artist outside of the U.S to ever win the competition. He later released a single titled ‘Illogical’, which went to #1 on the South African based Zone Radio’s top 40 chart. Jake song ‘Fireman’, was also released independently, sparking the interest of media company ‘Sound Net’, who distributed it to 2,000 Bars, Clubs and Hotels via their Jukebox.

Jake’s Music later fell into the hands of Maria Kempinska, the founder of Record Label ‘DingWalls Music’ and discoverer or Ellie Goulding. Maria invited Jake to perform in a Showcase at the Hippodrome in London Leicester Square. Jake was thrilled to have the opportunity of standing on the last stage that music legend Prince, ever performed on. The Showcase was attended by Billie Laurie, an award winning Music Producer who is known for his work with Sir Paul McCartney, The Bee Gees & Tina Turner. Billie said that Jake “definitely has hit songs”. The gig was also televised, marking Jake’s first ever appearance on Sky TV.

I felt like I was at the Brit Awards, my hand went over my mouth when my name was called”.

In September 2017, Jake was nominated for an New Music Generator Award by Cambridge 105 FM. The Awards ceremony took place at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge. Jake won the ‘Audience Choice’ award, a win which marked the proudest moment of his music career and a testament to his loyal fan base.

In 2018, Jake won ‘Male Act Of The Year’ at the International Achievers Awards and later had has music licensed by Road Trip Nation, a TV series based in the U.S. The new series is titled ‘Setting Course’ and even features and interview with Michelle Obama. Jake is now teaming up with Music Producer ‘Rednek’, who has worked with many successful Artist’s in the past, including Tinie Tempah.


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