When did you start writing Lyrics?

I started writing back in 2005. At first, I wasn’t rhyming words at all. I was just jotting down my thoughts on paper in the form of a dairy, I suppose. Eventually, and very randomly, I started to rhyme some of the words I was writing and from that day on, the ‘diary’ became a book of rhymes.

At what point did you decide to be a Rapper?

After a while, I was itching to show my friends the rhymes that I had been writing, I couldn’t sing to save my life (and still can’t really) so to perform the rhymes as Raps, seemed like the best idea. I didn’t want to just read them, because frankly, my Reading skills aren’t up to much either. ;-)

Who were your influences?

Despite the occasional beatings, having an older brother was a huge help with regards to the music collection within the house. He introduced me to artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Dr Dre, Nate Dogg, Snoop, etc. These were some of the first Hip Hop Artists I was listening to. Had my brother of been into Opera, things could have been different. ;-)

Who was your first Collaboration with?

Tom Moran. He’s a great friend of mine,  who showed a huge interest in my lyrics, and gave me so much belief and support. He may be the most influential person to my music career, because he gave me the belief  and confidence to continue writing. He was producing the music for the first few songs.

First song on the radio?

I had my first ever Radio spin from an internet station which was called ‘Urban FM’. The song that they played was called ‘Dreaming’ and it featured Sophia King. I would guess this was back in 2006. I can still remember hearing it on one of my producers laptops and seeing people in the ‘Chat Box’ go crazy for it. Great times :-)

First Music Video?

The video was for a track called ‘Louise’ which I had written about my Mum. The song AND video was produced by George Bennett, who is a friend that I was working very closely with at the time. We put the video out in April 2009 and it reached so many people online that some still believe this was my first ever track.

What’s the WORST song you’ve ever writtten?

That’s easy – ‘Perfect Girl’ it was called. I’m cringing even now. Next question? ;-)

In your opinion, what’s your strongest track?

I love that many people have different opinions on this, It kind of indicates that I’m not a one trick pony. My favourite is probably ‘Just Believe’. I was going through a pretty tough time when I wrote it and even now, I like to rewind the first verse so that I can hear it twice before listening to the rest of the song. Hope that doesn’t sound too vain.

Statistically, which is your most popular song online?

I think it’s ‘Falling’ with over 6,000 plays, however ‘Slipping Away’ is doing real good. It had 4,000 plays in just a month.

What’s your biggest achievement, musically?

I’d have to say it was getting my music on TV. In 2013, I had my tracks ‘Erotic’ and ‘Falling’ played on Adult Television Channel Play Boy TV, and to this day, my music is still being played on four of their TV channels. :-)

What’s your favourite Music video?

Definitely the ‘Moonlight’ video. Having Sam Hadfield, Derrell Ballard-Levy, Louis Catlett, Josh Holdaway, Rich Swift and Ben Saunders there for the entire day, was quite something. What a team :-) Also, the way that Josh and Louis incorporated footage of my Dad into the video, was epic. Love those guys.

Name one fellow musician you’d like to shout out to?

SAM HADFIELD !!!! we’re still like Batman and Robin, if he’s not producing my tracks, he’s mixing and mastering them. All of them.

One Musician you’d love to work with?

Nas !!!! there’s something about him that I find incredible. He seems so real to me. He’s never ‘Sold Out’, despite the fact that many people around him have done so. He makes ‘real’ music. Technically, he’s  phenomenal, and slick to go with it. Love the ‘life Is Good’ album.

Which signed musician are you compared with the most?

I used to hear Mike Skinner’s name a lot. I think that was pretty much because neither of us are from London though.

What’s next for Jake Aldridge ?

I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing, only get better at what I’m doing. I want to make music that reaches people on a personal level, that opens minds and changes perspectives. I want to write songs that make you feel a little better about yourself and or your life. I’d also like to put all of my greatest songs thus far, into one album for people to purchase.