Jake Aldridge, was eleven when his father died suddenly. Being so young, he never quite knew how to deal with his bereavement. He then entered into what he describes as his “Rebellious Period” and because of this his studies suffered. He was an extremely active child and played golf to a good standard. At the age of seventeen he was offered a place at Merrist Wood Golfing College in Surrey and was more than happy to accept. Being away from home for the first time in his life, he found it comforting to express his emotions on paper. Over time these began to read more like poems, as he would start to rhyme his sentences. As Jakes passion for writing grew, his passion for golf suffered, “Whilst playing an important tournament, I found myself typing lyrics into my phone” he says, “ At that moment I knew I was going to have to re-evaluate my future.”

Up until this point he had kept his newfound passion to himself. Wanting a second opinion he sought advice from his childhood friend, Tom Moran. “I wasn’t even aware that Jake was into writing,” he says, “but when he read me his lyrics, I was blown away by his creative use of similes and metaphors and urged him to continue”.

Jake now had the reassurance he needed to continue writing but had no idea how he would share it with others. He was certainly no singer, but had always been a huge fan of Hip Hop and RnB from a very young age and it was to be this genre that he would pursue.

Wanting to help Jake discover his potential, Tom invested in some basic studio equipment and they began to make music together from the loft in Jake’s Mum’s House. Soon after, they had a chance meeting with a local music producer, Wesley Hurr, who offered to help Jake produce his music and even to teach him how to do it himself. “Jakes passion to succeed and his eagerness to learn made him a pleasure to teach.” says Wesley. They worked together for over two years and during this time Jake’s knowledge of music production grew to a stage where he felt comfortable producing music by himself.

Now a more competent songwriter, he felt comfortable circulating the music amongst his friends, one of whom was George Bennett and it became clear that he was keen to get involved. In August 2008 Jake began to work with George, who was more musical than lyrical and it was to be this partnership that would see Jake’s music take a new and exciting turn. They worked closely together and with each new song their friendship developed and in turn so did the music. Since this date his music has been selected for several of the UK’s “BBC introducing” radio shows. These programmes showcase unsigned musicians and his music has even had airplay in the US. Jake has developed an international following with the use of popular social networking sites Myspace, Facebook, Sound cloud, Twitter, Youtube and many more. With requests from many of his fans to produce an album he decided that it was finally time.

Jake’s album, “The Sides You Don’t See” was released in 2010. Two key singles from the album were “Louise” (a song that Jake wrote for his Mum, and also turned out to be the first music video he would release) and another track called ‘What You Mean To Me’ which was played on over ten different BBC Radio stations in the UK.

Once the album was complete. Jake & George started to work on new material and released a single called ‘It Was Love’ which features child hood friend of Jake’s – Kelly Jenns. There was also a music video produced for this track which you can view (and download) via this very site.

In the Summer of 2010 Jake started working with a new producer – Kregan Miller. Kregan helped bring a whole new sound to the table, and enabled Jake to diversify  his writing even more. Kregan produced a number of tracks for Jake and is still doing so in 2012.

In 2011 Jake was introduced to another local producer – To Be Frank. Frank runs a very successful production company called Solebay music, and has been fortunate enough to have his music added to adverts for Harley Davidson & has also added to BBC television show Master Chef. Frank started to produce tracks for Jake with a more commercial sound than ever before. One single that they recorded together called ‘Turn It Up’ caught the attention of Rataplan film maker Louis Catlett. Jake & Louis hit it off instantly and began work on a music video for the track, which you can view via this site.

Along with Kregan & Frank, at the end of 2011, Jake also hooked up a producer going by the name of Cubix, and released a track called ‘Gone’  as well as another producer from Germany, working under the name ‘Konni Music’. Konni samples a lot of old records and adds a hip hop spin to them. It was to be this partnership which lead to Jake’s single ‘Just Believe’ Once again a music video for the song was produced by Rataplan Films & the track (along with the video) has become extremely popular among Jake’s fans, with many calling it ‘his best work to date’

In 2012 Jake released two music video’s, then made a connection with Sam Hadfield, a young, talented producer from High Wycombe. The pair hit it off, combining their talents to create something quite special. Sam creates the music from scratch and sends over instrumentals for Jake to create the song. Their first collaboration together – ‘Kick Him To The Curb’ received hundreds of downloads online. The two are currently working on an EP together which is set for release in 2013. One track in the making, titled ‘Moonlight’ has been tipped to be their best work, both together AND on an individual basis. A music video is also being talked about for that track in particular. Their first release in 2013 is a track called ‘Falling’ which features the amazing talents of Lisa Ambrose, and has been made available as a free download via Jake’s website.

Jake is still seeking out new producers to collaborate with. He is also looking for radio stations to get his songs aired, as well as venue’s that will act as a platform to kick start Jake into the live scene.