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We Made It Onto The Mixtape !!!

Thanks to your votes, my track ‘Slipping Away‘, which features Steve Moyse, made it onto Coast To Coasts ‘Next Up’ Volume 89 Mixtape. We are track number 5 :-)

Please check out and comment on the Mixtape, below. .

mixtape image
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: #NextUp Mixtape Vol. 89


Thanks so much again for all of your votes !!!! We have received so much support for this track and are really grateful for it. x



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Now With Sparkycom Photography

Some of you may have seen my mug shots online, and I thought it would be cool to introduce you to the man behind the Camera. Sparkycom Photography, has been responsible for all of my pictures this year. Many of which, we will be incorporating into artworks for new singles, as we did with my latest track ‘Critical‘. Sparkycom Photography was created by Richard Woodward, who provides a service to clients in and around the Norfolk area. Richard prides himself on the fact that he can provide you with a professional service, regardless of your budget.

To find out more about Sparkycom Photography, why not give them a ‘Like‘ on Facebook by clicking the link below. Alternatively, please read on……

As an up and coming Photographer, Richard has been perfecting his craft for several years. Confident in his skills and abilities, he has finally decided now is the time to break into the Photography Industry.
With a keen interest in many forms of photography, Richards work ranges from Landscapes, Portraits, Action Shots, to Architecture & Candid Portraits.
With so many years of experience behind him, he knows how to achieve the greatest shots. Having spent thousands of pounds on Photography equipment, Richard is now providing services to individuals and businesses in and around the Norfolk area.

If you’re looking for professional snaps and someone dedicated to meeting your needs, then I can honestly say that he’s your man. His banter alone should cost you an arm an a leg, but so far I’m yet to receive that invoice. ;-) . I have worked with several photographers in my years of writing songs, but what i think is special in particular about Richard, is his personality. He has a way of making those being photographed feel comfortable around him, which intern leads to greater shots. Basically, I reckon he could even get a Scrooge grinning from ear to ear on Christmas day !!!! :-) x

In all seriousness though, Whatever your budget, be sure to get in touch with Richard. x

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‘Critical’ Smashes 1,000 Plays !!!

Really chuffed to report that my latest single ‘Critical‘ has easily surpassed 1,000 plays in well under a week !!! Huge thanks to the Producer – Andre Beat, and my go to girl – Lisa Ambrose, for the ‘Critical’ roles they played with regards to this song. I’d also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has played, and re-posted this song.

Your support is massively appreciated !!!

For those who are yet to hear the new single, please press play below. If you like what you hear, you can download it from :-)

Thanks again, and please keep listening !!!! x

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Happy Birthday Sam Hadfield !!!

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to my main man – Sam Hadfield !!!! For those of you who are unaware, Sam was the producer behind my songs ‘Moonlight‘, ‘Erotic‘, ‘Falling‘ and many more…

Sam’s talents as a producer have helped me no end over the last couple of years. The process of every song usually starts with just the music, all of which he creates. Without him, songs like ‘Moonlight‘ wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t have had the success with Playboy TV either….

Now fronting his own record label – Prism Records, Sam is discovering talented artist’s and helping to further their careers, just had he did mine. Though Sam and I are not currently working on new music together, he is still Mixing & Mastering my tracks that have been made by other producers. Sam mixed and mastered my two latest offerings – ‘Slipping Away‘ & ‘Critical‘, so as you can see, I still rely on him heavily.

Sam, is now offering his mixing and mastering expertise to other record labels and independent artists. If you make music yourself, and like the way my tracks sound, get in touch, because he’s your man.

Happy Birthday Sam. I hope your birthday has been as good as you are to me :-)

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My New Track ‘Critical’ Is Out Now !!!

My new track ‘Crictical‘ is finally available to download from I tunes !!! The song features Lisa Ambrose and was produced by Andre Beat. Please press play below to be one of the first to hear it :-) I really hope you like it :-) x

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‘Critical’ Release Date Confirmed !!

I can finally confirm that my new track ‘Critical‘ is now complete. The song features more phenomenal vocals from the lovely Lisa Ambrose, and the track was produced by the amazingly talented – Andre Beat. We were also fortunate enough to have the founder of Prism Records, Sam Hadfield, mixing and mastering the track for us. We have decided to make this song available for download via As well as, the track will be available via several other online music stores, including Spotify.

The release date for the track has been confirmed as being Friday the 21st  of March !!!! Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud and Reverbnation, for links to the song.

I would also like to say a special thanks to George Bennett for designing this artwork, along with a good friend of mine Richard Woodward, aka Sparkycom, who took the photograph. Sparkycom is an extremely talented photographer, who I have only recently had the pleasure of working with. He’s as mad as a box of frogs too so as you can imagine, we get on just great. ;-) He has been busy editing pictures from the last two photo shoots that we have completed together, and they will be released within the next few days.

In the meantime, If you’d like to use the Jake Aldridge Facebook Banner that’s advertising the release of ‘Critical’, please feel free to steal it from below ;-)

Stay tuned. It’s happening x

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Celebrating 50,000 Plays Online !!!

I’m pleased to say that I have now reached 50,000 plays on my YouTube Channel & SoundCloud Page, combined. Over the last year or so, my play count and amount of ‘shares’ online has increased significantly, and have all my fans to thank for it !!!!! I’d also like to thank the following people for all of their support with my music. Whether they are guest Vocalists, Producers, Film Production Companies or Photographers, all of the following have been invaluable in helping me get this far……

Sam Hadfield

Lisa Ambrose

Derrell Ballard-Levy

Steve Moyse

Ryan Wilcox aka Nightwolf

Andrea Piombo aka AndreBeat

George Bennett

Richard Woodward aka Sparkycom

Kelly Jenns

RataPlan Films

Konni Music

Luke Appleton

To Be Frank

Haleana Knights

Edd Munn

Phil Barry

Please do continue to follow my movements online, keep playing and sharing my music and stay in the loop by checking out, and hooking up with me on the following networks:




Facebook Music Group




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Could ‘Erotic’ be ‘Slipping Away’ ??

My overall play count on SoundCloud has been increasing at a higher rate. Recently, I noticed that although my track ‘Falling‘ is the song with the most plays, there seems to be a bit of a battle going on between tracks ‘Slipping Away‘ & ‘Erotic‘ for the title of the my most ‘liked’ song…..

Are either of these songs YOUR favorite tracks of mine? ‘Like’ your favorite, or visit my SoundCloud page to project your all time favorite Jake Aldridge track ;-) x


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Another New Producer On Board

I’m excited about Introducing you to 20 year old, Italian producer, Andrea Piombo. Since learning that we share a mutual appreciation for one an-others music, we have decided to collaborate on a track which I have titled ‘Critical‘. Andrea’s producer name is AndreBeat, and he has agreed to release the track, which features the incredible Lisa Ambrose, via i Tunes. Please read on to find out more about AndreBeat…..

AndreaBeat, Is originally from Genova Italy, but moved to England in 2012. Among many others, he’s Inspired by producers LA Reid, Alex Da Kid, Lex Luger, Pharell Williams and Timbaland. Having moved to the UK to further his music career, Andrea attended a Sound Engineering college in London. Initially, his time was predominantly spent creating Dance music, but has more recently turned his attention to Hip Hop and Trap music. I contacted Andrea after hearing how tight the music is on his Soundcloud page. His sound is so unique and his talent is evident. I knew that we could create something great together. It was refreshing to meet a producer so passionate about what he does, I hope that we will work on some more music together this year. ‘Critical‘ will be our first collaboration together, and with guest vocals from Lisa Ambrose and the mixing expertise of Sam Hadfield, we feel like we could be onto a winner.

Please keep an eye out for the official release date of ‘Critical‘, which is scheduled for release in March.

To hear some of Andrea’s music, please check out his Soundcloud page by clicking HERE.

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New Track ‘Slipping Away’ Out Now

My new track ‘Slipping Away‘ has finally been released !!!!!!!! ‘Slipping Away‘ was produced by Night Wolf & features guest vocals from Steve Moyse. The new single is now available as a free download via

Please press play below if you’d like to check out Sam Hadfield’s mix & master of our track ;-) x

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