Seeking a new direction, Ninety II set about establishing a brand new sound for us. We wanted to shock people and to try and steer away from the chilled out vibe that many are so used to hearing us create. He came up with the instrumental for what was later titled ‘Illogical’ and said to me “You’re either going to love this or hate it”.

I loved it !!

I began writing the track almost instantly after hearing it. I wanted to get a vocalist involved who I hadn’t worked with as much and thought of Haleana. Haleana is a vocal coach from Suffolk and was keen to get involved once again. The last track we did together was ‘Little Old Me‘ back in 2014.

When Haleana heard the track she said “I think this is your best one”.

I was really happy with what she added to the track and her vocal range is always phenomenal ! What she did with the chorus was far from what I was expecting, but it just seemed to work so well.

I sent the vocal stems back to Ninety II and the rest is history :-)