Coming off the back of my release forGive You The World‘, I have to be honest and admit that I felt under pressure. I put so much intoGive You The Worldwhat with the video abroad, the marketing and promotion etc, that I felt slightly daunted by the prospect of going back to the drawing board.

I was keen to switch up my sound, and since my last two singles had both been produced by the amazing ACJ Beats, I wanted to do something different and to work with a new producer. I spent about two weeks searching for new producers online, I enquired about a few tracks, but nothing blew me away. I eventually came across Johann Elliott‘s website. I found a track which was titled ‘Shooting Stars’ and I knew instantly, that I just had to have it. The trouble was, it was way out of my budget… 

After much negotiating and after explaining my intentions for the track, Myself and Johann finally reached a deal and the piece was mine. After sending my ideas to Johann, he agreed to mixing the track for me. I thought that he did such an amazing job with the initial mix, I was concerned that if I passed it on to a mixing engineer, the overall sound may change slightly, and I was intent on keeping that initial sound exactly the same. I wanted the end product to sound just the way it was when I first heard it.

I wrote the chorus and my verses  from home. I then sent my ideas to Kelly Jenns. Myself and Kelly hadn’t collaborated together since Palm Of Your Hand and I wanted to have one of my strongest vocalists on this track. I was so happy that Kelly took a liking to my ideas and agreed to record it. We have a fantastic friendship which goes back to when we were kids, since she grew up living just a few doors down from me. Musically, I find her very easy to work with. She’s incredible talented and it’s always a pleasure to record with her. Everything seems so easy and effortless for her when she’s recording. As always, I had my own ideas for how the chorus should sound but Kelly put her own twist on it and before you knew it, the track was complete. Johann mixed it and mastered it himself. 

Please see here to download the Lyrics for ‘Pieces Of Me‘