‘When I’m Feeling Down’ marks a first time Collaboration between Jake Aldridge and Ellie Jamison, a Singer/Songwriter from Bury.

After looking out for new singers online, Jake came across a song by Ellie Jamison and was blown away by her vocals. ‘When I’m Feeling Down’ was produced by Johann Elliott, who previously produced Jake’s single -Pieces Of Me‘.

Jake reached out to Ellie with regards to possibly working together on the new single (WIFD) which, Jake and Johann were already working on. Thankfully, Ellie was keen to get involved and came over to Jake’s house to record her vocal parts. There were a few issues to begin with and they looked at changing the key of the track to match Ellie’s vocal better. Everything worked out well in the end and the Harmony Queen did her thing, laying down stack and stacks of vocals for Johann to then mix and master the track :-)

‘When I’m Feeling Down’ was written about Jake’s best Friend.