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Jake Aldridge - Where Ya Gone (Official Video)24 July 2012
Download 'Where Ya Gone' for free by clicking this link - . Track Produced By Konni Music & Video produced By RataPlan Films This video was filmed in London on the 27th June 2012. I met the guys from Rataplan Films at Victoria, and we set about looking for random trains that weren't heading too far away from London, but that were going far enough for us to get all the footage that we needed. Luckily for us, the trains were fairly empty so we didn't have a bunch of people giving us dodgy looks (well not many anyway) plus we managed to leave without a slapped wrist from the Ticket dude. (Not sure we'd of been flavor of the month for filming on the trains without permission) Also I Had to have a cheeky strip down for a change of clothes on a random platform which was all good fun
Jake Aldridge - 'Just Believe' - OFFICIAL Music Video23 January 2012
Download 'Just Believe' free by clicking the followjing link - Track produced by Konni Music & video by Rataplan Films Half of this video (with people holding up the cards) was filmed in the City of Bath. and the other (where you see me) was filmed in Peterborough. I didn't actually make the trip to Bath but was so impressed with the footage the guys from Rataplan films captured. The guys wrote up all of the lyrics on the cards and spent the whole day seeking out willing strangers to hold up the cards and play a part in the video. In Peterborough, we were so fortunate to of had such great weather that day. There was even frost on the ground too, adding a little glitz to the video ;-) This track was produced by Konni music who is a Hip Hop producer from Germany. 'Just Believe' was our first collaboration together and one we are both very proud of.
Jake Aldridge - 'Turn It Up' - Official Video03 August 2011
Download 'Turn It Up' free by clicking the following link - Artist website - video produced by Rataplan Films. This was the first time that I had ever worked with Rataplan Films, so I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect when heading to meet them for the shoot in Southend. Half of this video was filmed in a photography studio, which we hired out for about 4 hours. Once we had gathered all the footage we wanted from the studio's white room, we headed to a local recording studio where we could try and make out like we were recording the song there and then. It was an absolute pleasure working with the guys from Rataplan and we kind of hit it off in a way which from the outiside, i'm sure would have seemed like i'd worked with them before.
It Was Love - Jake Aldridge ft. Kelly Jenns25 June 2010
Download 'It Was Love' free by clicking the following link - Artist website - . Track & video produced by George Bennett. for this track, I joined forces with another up and coming artist (Kelly Jenns), whose powerful vocals ensured this was going to be a track not to be missed. We filmed the video for this track at the cinema in Southwold. I was really chuffed that Kelly was able to make it down for the video, so we could both feature in it together. I was also happy to have Steve Moyse, who hosted a radio show during the time, introducing the track too. all of the effects and transitions for the video were created and edited by George.
Jake Aldridge - LOUISE10 April 2009
Download 'Louise' free via . Music & video, produced by George Bennett. This was the first ever music video that i'd ever done, this song and video will always be special to me for two reasons. Firstly, It was about my Mum and secondly, because it ended up being the spring board for me in getting my music heard and appreciated, both locally and online. This track had such an impact, I think many people still think it's the first song that I ever done, purely it's because it's the first one that they ever heard. The video was filmed all around Southwold in Suffolk, which is where I grew up.